Amy Lassman


Amy Lassman’s Adar Design collection includes tallitot, kippot, chuppot and decorative attarot for women and men. For the Jewish home, Amy creates traditional ritual items such as challah covers, matzah covers and afikoman bags, inspired by classic styles, current trends and whimsical elements.

Amy’s approach to Judaica design originates with the belief that each person who chooses to wear a tallit or kippah does so consciously and with the intent to deepen their own individual connection to Judaism. Her designs are created using a variety of fibers, colors, motifs and Hebrew embroidery; encouraging the wearer to explore their own religious identity. Each person who wears a tallit is cognizant of the weight and flow of the fabric. Some fabrics float with an ethereal whisper and sparkle with a hint of light. Others offer warmth, security and a sense of being wrapped and supported.

In addition to pieces created for the collection, ADAR Design’s custom work includes chuppot and Torah covers, commissioned by both families and shuls. Her chuppot may include heirloom textiles, such as wedding gowns, which allows the pieces to transcend the everyday into the truly exceptional.

Amy has always chosen to create patterns rather than follow them. Her love of sewing began while creating skating costumes as a child. All of her pieces are inspired by joy, nature and the stories of the recipients themselves while respecting all of the requirements of tradition. Amy creates all designs, embroidery, and stitching in her studio in Needham, Massachusetts. She graduated from Washington University in St Louis with her B.A. in Dance & Psychology then received her M.A. from New York University in Dance/Movement Therapy.

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