Melanie Dankowicz

With cut metal and paper, Melanie aims to unite traditional Judaic motifs with contemporary themes, balancing the flow of lines with the depth of space. Her compositions include ketubot, Judaica, jewelry, sculpture and wall art. Melanie enjoys integrating Hebrew text in design, bringing out the beauty of the letters and the essence of their message. She incorporates plant life to create connections with the natural world. Her work adds beauty and meaning to our celebrations of Jewish life.

Melanie’s collection of papercut ketubahs is designed to reflect the joy of bride and groom and the beauty of their lives together. All of her vibrant, layered ketubah designs are created with the highest standards of quality and craftmanship. Couples are welcome to personalize their ketubah with their own text, design and choice of color. Be in touch – she will be delighted to create a meaningful ketubah that is just right for you.

Melanie enjoys working on commissioned projects, applying her unique perspective and design talents to provide individuals and organizations with meaningful and aesthetically-appealing artwork. For over 25 years, Melanie’s Judaic designs have been crafted in the USA and enjoyed by collectors around the world. You are welcome to contact her at or 240-232-6021.